Micheline Cacciatore - Owner and Founder

Ballet and Pointe

Micheline moved to Miami in 2010 from Massachusetts where she was the owner and founder of The Ballet Space just outside of Boston since 2004. After much success and over 300 students, she sold her school to be able to spend more time with her husband and two young children. Micheline had been a well respected teacher in the Boston area for over 20 years. Her teaching credits have included Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Brookline Academy of Dance, Acton School of Ballet and The Dancer's Workshop. After graduating from Walnut Hill School for the Arts in 1991, Micheline continued her training at The Rock School, Ballet West and the University of Utah's ballet program. She has performed many classical and contemporary ballets under the direction of Willam Christensen, Conrad Ludlow, and many other world renowned teachers. Micheline taught for Alison Hesh and Soul Propose Studio in Miami, where she loaned the name The Ballet Space,  from 2011 through 2021. With ballet and teaching as her passion, Micheline is happy to bring the joy of dance to the Miami community whether it's at your home or at Armour Dance Theatre in South Miami where she now teaches.


Giulia Cacciatore

Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary

Giulia began dancing as soon as she could walk, under the instruction of her mother Micheline at The Ballet Space in Massachusetts. She moved to Miami in 2010 and resumed her ballet and modern training primarily under Alison Hesh and Micheline Cacciatore. While training at The Ballet Space in Miami, Giulia additionally trained at many summer programs including The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory, Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and Ballet Austin. Throughout high school, she also competed ballet and contemporary at Universal Ballet Competition yearly, including a self-choreographed solo. Giulia is now age 20 and is a rising junior at the University of South Florida as a Dance Major with a Ballet Concentration. She has been demonstrating for her mom since the age of eight and began teaching ballet herself at age 15, and now additionally teaches contemporary and improvisation.