Pilates Program​

Our Pilates program is to designed create healthy, better bodies. Our engaging instructors are attentive and observant and know each student’s strengths and limitations. Every class will bring you closer to your personal fitness goals and your first Pilates class is free!


What is Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone: man, woman, old, young, in shape, out of shape, over-weight,
injured, healthy…everyone! There are two types of Pilates and Soul Purpose Studio offers both. There is Pilates on the mat and Pilates on the machines. With mat Pilates you use gravity and your own body weight to move through a series of exercises which emphasize the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness, to support efficient graceful movement.
The Pilates machines primarily include the reformer, cadillac and wunda chair. The machines are great for rehabilitation as well as targeting certain areas of the body for faster results. For more information go to: www.themethodpilates.com


Pilates Mat Class:

Sat mornings 10:10-11:10

Tues nights 7:00-8:00

$200 for a 10 class card


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