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Young Dancer Program:

The Ballet Space takes what comes naturally to little ones and combines that with the study of creative movement and ballet to help children develop a love of dance that can stay with them for a lifetime. In our Pre-Ballet class (preschool ages 3-5), children learn the joys of ballet and movement in a fun and creative, child centered atmosphere. Creative Movement classes are designed to build a foundation for movement, personal expression, creativity, musicality, and an understanding of basic dance principles and terminology. Classes include activities like acting out familiar ballet stories, working with props, and using our bodies to be shapes, animals, flowers, snowflakes and much more. After graduating from Creative Movement classes, students begin learning how to master ballet positions, technique and terminology. 

Pre-Professional Program:

Our Pre-Professional classes are for dancers ages 10-18 who show a serious dedication and commitment towards ballet. With training in ballet technique, pointe, variations and contemporary each student will receive a vigorous, yet nurturing, dance education tailored to their individual needs. 

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